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Wisconsin Amphibians & Reptiles need your help!

Donate now to the Wisconsin Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Fund


Why do amphibians and reptiles need our help?

Populations have declined in Wisconsin due to habitat loss, the illegal pet trade, and road collisions, while new threats like emerging diseases and climate change are compounding these issues.

Amphibian and reptile species have unique life history, behavior, diet, and habitat needs, which makes them more vulnerable than other species to change.

That’s why the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin created the Wisconsin Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Fund. To provide lasting support for Wisconsin’s most threatened and endangered species, including:

  • Blanchard’s Cricket Frog
  • Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake
  • Ornate Box Turtle
  • Queensnake
  • Slender Glass Lizard
  • Eastern Ribbonsnake
  • Western Ribbonsnake
  • Wood Turtle

What will this fund do? Grants from the fund will support critical projects including:

  • Supporting on-the-ground conservation and research to better understand and protect ornate box turtles, eastern massasauga rattlesnakes, and other endangered species.
  • Restoring native habitats where high numbers of rare amphibians and reptiles are found, such as river bluffs and sand prairies.
  • Training citizen scientists to monitor Wisconsin’s rare and threatened amphibians and reptiles, helping to inform conservation efforts.
  • Launching education and outreach efforts to teach children and adults about Wisconsin’s amphibians and reptiles.

Join us with your support now!