Protect your Field Trip program for years to come. image

Protect your Field Trip program for years to come.

We appreciate your support for this vital program. A gift of $382 covers one lost Field Trip.


Protect your Field Trip Program

The Foundation, and especially the Field Trips program, has experienced a significant loss of revenue with the cancellation of April, May and June trips. We recognize that many may be facing economic uncertainty, but for those of you that are able, a donation would help ensure that our Field Trip Program remains vital and strong.

*Why the donation amount of $382? This amount covers the revenue lost from the cancellation of one field trip this year.

From all of us at the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, we wish you health and hope that we will soon be exploring Wisconsin’s amazing natural treasures together. Until then, we are glad you are enjoying our Virtual Field Trips!

Thank you so much for your support.